Our lasers represent a unique and exciting advance in state-of-the-art laser design. Infrared Instruments is well-known for its ultra stable, long-lived; compact CO2 and CO lasers. Located in San Marcos, California, Infrared Instruments designs, develops and manufactures rugged, reliable laser systems which provide a new level of convenience in operation and performance. Our experience and extensive knowlegde allows us to be the leading servicer for the California Laser and Laser Photonics Carbon Dioxide and Carbon Monoxide Laser product lines.

Our company is committed to the design and manufacture of a wide range of specialized lasers to the OEM, as well as for custom end-user applications. Our sealed-off design offers a cost effective laser well-suited for the most demanding applications.

Infrared Instruments lasers offer the user a wide selection of operating output powers and wavelengths. These lasers can be reprocessed and refilled, offering years of reliable performance. All critical laser components undergo a 100% QC inspection. Each system is burned in for a minimum of 100 hours prior to shipping as a complete set of dedicated components. You can receive your IR Series CO2 and CO waveguide laser with the same high level of confidence that we have in shipping it to you. That is our commitment to you.